EAD Renewal

When to Start the Renewal Process

To extend an employment authorization card, an application for renewal must be filed between 120 and 90 days prior to the expiration date printed on the card. An application for renewal of a work permit must be filed and accepted by the USCIS prior to the expiration of the current card. 

Must I have an attorney to file Form I-765 to renew an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)?

Renewing your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) requires several items, including a Form I-765. USCIS will only consider forms that are filled out completely and accurately, and accompanied by all necessary supporting documents. Further, depending on the circumstances of the renewal (or extension) the form is used differently. If you decide to file on your own, be sure you are familiar with all the requirements particular to your specific renewal needs.

Supporting Documents

1. copies of all previously issued EAD cards
2. copies of all Form I-797 EAD approval notices
3. copies of prior applications
4. copies of I-485 receipt notices if Adjustment of Status is pending
5. two passport style photographs 
6. form filing fee of $380 by cashier's check or money order payable to Dept. of Homeland Security

Filing the Form

The completed form along with the supporting documents and the form filing fee must be mailed together to the correct USCIS office. If an application for renewal is filed online, the supporting documents must be mailed to the address printed on the receipt notice that the applicants obtain after filing the form online. If you file online, you can also pay the form filing fee online.

Applications for renewal are usually processed by USCIS in 90 days or less. At times, USICS might take more that 90 days. If the renewal is taking more than 90 days, you can request an interim cards by making an InfoPASS appointment at the USCIS field office. InfoPASS appointments can take time to get, so ask early, and when you go, bring copies of all the documents you submitted for the renewal.

For more info, see the USCIS website on EADs